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The last Friday in April is one of the rare times you won’t find Blasters at their desks. Instead, they’re participating in Blast’s annual day of service. Each year, we choose Arbor Day as a ‘day of service,’ to commemorate Earth Month. It’s a day dedicated to getting outside, getting your hands dirty, and helping to take care of your local community and ultimately, the Earth.

The first Arbor Day in the United States was celebrated in Nebraska City, Nebraska, in 1872. Traditionally, Arbor Day takes place on the last Friday of April and is celebrated with the customary observance of planting trees.

Kristen Frizzelle, PR Specialist out of Austin, TX, went big for her first-ever planting: a limequat tree!

You can find our employees across the country picking up trash in their communities, planting backyard or indoor gardens, and more interactive activities when there isn’t a pandemic happening.

Blast PR Founder Bryan Formidoni loved Arbor Day, having grown up in Colorado and spending so much time outside with his fingers in the dirt. So, choosing this date as a day of service is especially important and a way to honor Bryan for years to come.

Bryan’s son Cyrus Formidoni honors his father on Arbor Day by planting in his family garden.

Enjoy a few more photos of our team embracing the annual day of service. Next year we hope to get back out in our communities to help make a difference.

PR Director Caty Posey started an indoor herb garden that her daughter can help water.
Senior PR Director Katie Sanders changed over her garden from spring to summer.
Our Senior VP out of New York, Matt Caldecutt, worked with the space he has and planted some herbs for the kitchen.
Senior PR Specialist Rachel Rock was planting trees in her back yard when she discovered a nest of baby birds had hatched!
PR Coordinator Kaitlyn DeSimone and her husband built beautiful raised beds at their home (with a little help from furry friends).