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Given the hectic nature of the world around us, many 9-to-5ers struggle to find a work-life balance. There seems to be an endless amount of tasks on everyone’s to-do list and simply not enough time in the day to accomplish everything. To counteract this trend, many companies are implementing policies to make their work-places more attractive and balanced for their employees’ busy lifestyles.

One of these aforementioned policies is the infamous summer Friday. Although it may be viewed as cutting billable hours short for the week, summer Fridays can motivate employees to be more productive Monday through Thursday so they can take advantage of starting their weekends early all summer. This policy contributes to a better workplace atmosphere as employees will have more personal time and can check desired tasks off their to-do list, such as getting to do grocery shopping without a kiddo in tow or taking off for a weekend beach trip before Friday traffic hits. The concept might seem simple, but it can allow workers necessary time to practice self-care and mentally recharge before the start of another work week.

At Blast, creating a productive yet adaptive work atmosphere is a priority. Not only do we embrace summer Fridays, but we encourage a relaxed, casual dress code and welcome friendly furry animals into each office. Blasters have found that allowing pets can be effective in reducing tension and providing comfort in the workspace. The animals also encourage employees to stretch their legs by going for a quick walk around the block, allowing for increased movement which can translate into creative productivity. 

Blasters also establish flexible work hours, maintaining open communication with their colleague’s via Slack about what time they’ll be in the office, sometimes taking early meetings from home to avoid rush hour or leaving before late afternoon calls so they’re not stuck in traffic on the commute home to their families. With many employees commuting from the outskirts of the rapidly expanding cities we work in, that extra hour of flexibility here and there is priceless. Having the ability to maintain a flexible schedule saves members of the team hours on the road and allows them to reallocate that time to finalizing work and taking care of family.

For every company, establishing and maintaining a work-life balance might look slightly different. However, the decision to help employees be the most recharged and efficient versions of themselves is an investment that will result in lower burn out rates and pay off greatly in the long run.