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As 2017 draws to a close, our clients have the holidays on their minds. We’ve shared some of their ideas about what’s to come this holiday season … Everything from self-gifting to creating a memorable shopping experience, our clients are making predictions on it all.


“Almost 40% of sales on what used to be one of the most notorious in-store shopping weekends occurred on a mobile device in 2016. Holiday shopping will increase this year, but e-commerce will be a driving force behind the uptick in holiday shopping sales.

Retailers themselves are playing a key role in driving e-commerce’s steady increase over in-store sales year over year. With changing consumer sentiment about Black Friday or Christmas Eve final sales, retailers are responding by closing their own storefronts during major holidays to give their employees and staff time with family and friends. Something that has gained many brands praise from media, consumers and fans.” – Wendell Lansford, co-founder, Wyng


“Self gifting will be big.

Not every “holiday” purchase from Halloween to Christmas is a gift for someone else.

About 70 percent of shoppers admit that they bought a gift or two for themselves during the holiday season last year, according to the National Retail Federations.

So called self-gifting is not new. Retailers have seen the trend for years. But in 2017, organizations, including the aforementioned NRF, are encouraging retail business to market at self-gifters.” – David Baker, co-founder, Cordial


“For Holiday app installs the conversion to churn ratio is skewed. If you think the Holiday season is the time to up your UA game, you have only one part of the puzzle. Without a strong retention and re-engagement strategy to back it up, customer acquisition remains incomplete.” – Tim Koschella, CEO and co-founder, AppLift

Mood Media

“As online shopping continues to grow, brick and mortar locations will put more emphasis on creating memorable in-store experiences that get customers “wanting” to come to the stores versus “having” go to the stores. Brands will focus on creating “Instagrammable” experience​s that win out over basic online transactions, by capturing “moments” in-store. For example, PetSmart has done this by offering free pet photos with Santa on certain days during the holidays. “ – Jaime Bettencourt, Senior Vice President of Business Development, Mood Media